Sports federations are sports associations whose purpose is to bring together other smaller associations, usually sports clubs or regional leagues. Federations recognised by public authorities play a decisive role in the development of a sport by organising competitions and supporting affiliated clubs.

Click here for the list of the National Sports Federations active in Belgium, as well as their respective French and Dutch speaking branches, if any.

Association Francophone Belge de Golf
Golf French-speaking league
Association Francophone d’Aïkido asbl
Combat Sports - Aïkido French-speaking league
Association francophone de ju-jitsu
Combat Sports - Jujitsu French-speaking league
Association francophone de tennis
Tennis French-speaking league
Association francophone du sport travailliste belge
Association interfédérale du sport francophone
Association Mondiale de Futsal
Football - Futsal International
Association Royale Belge de Hockey
Association sportive automobile francophone
Motor - Racing French-speaking league
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