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Winter Sports - Skiing

Skiing is a means of individual locomotion to slide on snow using long narrow skates called skis, attached to the feet, and a range of sports disciplines, mainly winter. Mainly known by skiing on snow, introduced in the Alps and other European mountain ranges at the end of the 19th century, this practice of skiing on natural snow is obviously dependent on the presence, resistance and thickness of the snow cover, which limits the activity to mountainous or Nordic regions, as well as to the winter season. Skiing can also be practised on all slippery surfaces with a significant surface tension: water - in this case we speak of water skiing -, rocks such as sand, sloping meadows, or even ground covered with artificial snow or ice.

Which clubs offer this sport?

The federations of this discipline

Fédération francophone belge de ski
Winter Sports - Skiing French-speaking league
Fédération Royale Belge de Ski
Fédération internationale de ski
Winter Sports - Skiing International