The roundnet, commonly known as "Spikeball" (the sport's notorious brand name) has been around for many years but only arrived in Europe and therefore in Belgium relatively recently. The sport exploded during the Covid years, when it was the perfect excuse to play sports with friends from the same social bubble.

Combining fun and dexterity, many people were attracted to this new sport and quickly got hooked.
The game is played in pairs around a "trampoline" with a net stretched close to the ground. The aim is to bounce a small ball off the net in a maximum of three touches and prevent the opponents from doing the same. Since it can be played just about anywhere and requires relatively little equipment and space, it is very easy to take the kit with you and play a game in the park, on the beach or in a concrete yard.

On a more competitive level, a Federation exists in Belgium with a dozen active clubs. Competitions and numerous roundnet tournaments are organised in Belgium all year round, both indoors and outdoors. Some players are currently participating in a series of competitions abroad as part of a European tour of roundnet tournaments. In particular, Belgium hosted the first Roundnet World Championships in September 2022. These were won by the American teams, big representatives in the roundnet world.

In our region, we have two clubs: Foxes and Wolves.