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Baseball is a team sport derived from the same roots as cricket, which is played on a field of grass and sand. It is played with bats, used to hit a pitched ball, and gloves to catch the ball. The origins of baseball are controversial, but it is indisputable that the first modern rules were codified in the United States in 1845. The European roots of the game, long overlooked by the American authorities, intent on holding up baseball as a typically American sport, are nevertheless no secret to sports historians.

Which clubs offer this sport?


Brussels Kangaroos

Chemin du Struykbeken, 1
1200 - Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

Brussels Kangaroos

Where can you do this sport?

The federations of this discipline

Ligue francophone de baseball et softball
Baseball French-speaking league
Vlaamse Baseball en Softball Liga vzw
Baseball Dutch-speaking league
Fédération Royale de Base- et Softball
Baseball National
Fédération mondiale de Base- et Softball
Baseball International